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You feel better if you use a better browser

You get this message on my page because you are using Netscape 4.7 or a the Internet Explorer from Microsoft.

Netscape 4.7

This browser is the hell for all webpage programmers. Besides that this software is outdated since 1999, it shows many pages totally wrong. This is because it doesn't support most of the current used web standards. Would you drive a car which could drive on highways only and not on all other roads? If not, you should use a different browser.
See: and

Microsoft Internet Explorer

This browser is the most used browser in the web. But not because it's so good and standard conform, it's leader because Microsoft bundles it with the Windows operating system and integrates it so deeply, that you can't get it away. So they don't give the "normal" user a chance to choose a different browser because the user thinks there is only ONE, the Internet Explorer. Microsoft did (and possibly does) even some dirty tricks to make their pages look bad on browsers other than Internet Explorer (see the MSN thing). You should use a different browser


There are 2 big alternatives for the thinking user: Opera and Mozilla.


My favourite and a very small and memory saving browser. You can run it even on very old computers and surf as fast as on new pcs. The browsing can be speeded up by using mouse gestures and using the "tabbed browsing" - means you've got just one Opera window, and all the pages are in it. The browser has also an email client with spam filter included and a download manager. The only disadvantage is that it costs some money, but I spent it because the software is worth it.


Mozilla is an open source project which results in a totally free browser, mail client and some more. Slow on middle and old aged machines.
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