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2017-08-29: phorkie 0.8.1 released
2017-08-28: shpub 0.5.1 released
2017-04-19: phorkie 0.8.0 released
2017-04-18: phorkie lives here now
2016-09-23: shpub 0.3.0 released
2016-06-29: phancap 0.3.0 released
2016-06-21: bdrem 0.6.1 released
2016-02-16: my book library is online
2016-01-07: noxon-gateway server software and Noxon iRadio gateway API documentation
2015-12-21: PHP-SQLlint to check syntax of SQL files
2015-11-24: Android app: Play video on Dreambox
2015-11-19: Schneewittchen
2015-08-10: Firefox extension: Play video on Dreambox
2015-07-01: OUYA store API documentation
2014-10-29: grauphel, tomboy note sync server
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Like before, you can find the solution for all forgetful people: the birthday reminder.

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