Chapter 4. Video

Table of Contents

Resolutions, BIOS and Acer
Intel graphics drivers
Second display
The solution
DVI output

Resolutions, BIOS and Acer

The biggest problem with the graphics display is that the BIOS lacks the information that it can display 1400x1050 - only 1280x1024 and 1600x1200 is there. That's the reason the framebuffer can't be run with the native resolution and the BIOS has to be patched with 855resolution before starting X.

I contacted Acer on 2004-11-20, complaining about that problem and asking them to provide a fully functional BIOS. Two weeks later the answer is there; Acer refuses to provide a new BIOS because the pre-installed operating system (Windows) works ok with it. That's all, they won't support non-ms people.