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AppWizard changelog

0.3 [2003-05-09] Friday
  • "generate code from glade" property function array with some entries and corresponding functions
  • statusbar changes when using AutoConfig
  • use signal handlers defined in glade (but no "after" and no "object")
[2003-05-08] Thursday
  • recognizes glade v2 files on loading
  • "generate code from glade" makes windows!!! ;=)
  • "generate code from glade" creates + adds the widgets (approx. 10 constructors todo)
[2003-05-07] Wednesday
  • code template changed (function run + some other)
  • added getWidget function (should make code a bit smaller)
  • check if exists
  • tribute to Bernd das Brot
[2003-05-05] Monday later
  • line 1452: array error fixed
0.2 2003-05-05
  • 30 new signal function templates
  • merge glade with code option added
  • added default project dir (for glade files). Let it empty if you don't want it
  • added "intelligent expanding" and "usedOnly expanding" for widget tree
  • auto intelligent expanding after selecting a dialog
  • all template files from the template dir are loaded in the template selection combobox (nice for beginners which have never used the wizard)
  • some small fixes
  • 2 new function templates
  • changed basic template:
    • loads php_gtk.dll/so really only if not already loaded
    • made it phpdoc-compliant
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