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birthday reminder 3

I dumped Windows in 2003, and haven't regretted a single second. The only thing that bothered me was that birthday reminder is a windows program and looked ugly when I used Wine to run it on my Gentoo box. That was the time I decided it needed a complete rewrite, and I chose Java for it.

Birthday reminder 3 is written in Java to be platform independent. It has nearly all features that birthday reminder 2.1 had, but it's still in development - there is one known bug and some features I'd like to implement someday before I mark the program as stable. I use it since beginning of 2005, and it works well for me.


birthday reminder in German


birthday reminder runs when your computer starts and shows you the next events in an own defined time span. The occasions are marked by different colors and icons so that you can see what is long away and what occurs in the next days.


It costs nothing; it's free and licensed under the GPL. But if you like the program, please send a postcard from your part of the world to me:

Christian Weiske
Dorfstrasse 42
04683 Threna

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