Multimediakeys with .Xmodmap HOWTO

Christian Weiske

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Revision 1.12006-07-30

Added global Xmodmap loading

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Getting horizontal scrolling work with my Logitech Trackball

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This HowTo describes how to activate the extra keys (multimedia keys) like "mute", "play" and "mail" based on the ".Xmodmap" file when you are using a windowmanager based on a graphics environment like XFree86 or Xorg.

Table of Contents

Why should I do this by hand?
Getting started
Writing your own xmodmap
Activating the .Xmodmap at startup
Using a global Xmodmap file
Tips and scripts
Maps for Keyboards
Acer Travelmate 6000 (6003)
Logitech Internet Keyboard
Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan

Why should I do this by hand?

KDE allows you to do the same thing I describe here with its control center, perhaps Gnome as well. So why should you bother to do this by hand?

Answer 1: You want to get some more control and knowledge over your system. If you did it by hand, you'll know what to do when it doesn't work

Answer 2: You don't use KDE and want to use Multimediakeys

Answer 3: You don't like to have an extra program running (KDE daemon) just to have the multimedia keys working.