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playVideoOnDreambox is a set of 3 applications: An Android app, a Firefox browser extension and a proxy server.

Both Android app and Firefox extension send a website URL to the proxy server application, which uses youtube-dl to extract the video URL from the website and then instructs the Dreambox to play this video.

Firefox extension: Play video on Dreambox

Firefox play button

Firefox addon (extension) that adds a "Play on Dreambox" button to the toolbar. Pressing it plays the video of the current tab on your Dreambox satellite receiver by relaying it throught the proxy server.

Works fine with a Dreambox DM7080 HD.


Either download it here or from the Mozilla Add-Ons page.

Version 0.6.0
play_video_on_dreambox-0.6.0-fx.xpi, 7.5 kiB

Legacy versions

Warning: Those do not work with Firefox 57 or later, because Firefox 56 was the last version to support "legacy" extensions .

Version 0.4.0
@playvideoondreambox-0.4.0.xpi, 5 kiB
Version 0.3.0
@playvideoondreambox-0.3.0.xpi, 15 kiB
Version 0.2.0
@playvideoondreambox-0.2.0.xpi, 14 kiB
Version 0.1.0
@playvideoondreambox-0.1.0.xpi, 12 kiB

Source code


Android app: Play video on Dreambox

Browser share menu

Send videos from your phone's browser to the Dreambox satellite receiver.

This app adds an entry to the browser's share menu. It sends the URL to a configurable playVideoOnDreambox proxy server, which instructs your Dreambox to play the video.

With it you can use your phone to browse youtube or other video sites and play the videos on your TV via the satellite receiver.


The application is not available in any app store.

Version 0.1.0
playVideoOnDreambox-0.1.apk, 14 kiB

Source code

Android app


playVideoOnDreambox proxy server

Required for both browser extension and Android app. Contains a simple web interface to paste a website URL.

It must be installed in your network with access to the Dreambox' web interface. Needs a web server, PHP and youtube-dl.

Supports Dreambox web interfaces protected by username and password.


You need to clone the git repository:
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