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2023-12-20: bdrem 0.7.0 supports vCard .vcf files
2023-06-17: PlayJam GameStick server API documentation, a work in progress
2021-02-20: Tolino Cloud API documentation, a work in progress
2021-01-17: grauphel 0.7.5 released
2020-04-14: PHP-SQLlint 0.2.3 released
2019-08-07: grauphel 0.7.2 released
2019-06-18: List of devices supported by LineageOS - with release date
2019-03-08: playVideoOnDreambox works with Firefox 57+
2019-01-03: grauphel 0.7.1 released
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Like before, you can find the solution for all forgetful people: the birthday reminder.

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