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Formerly home of some fine Thunderbird extensions

I laid the development of all my thunderbird extensions in the hand of J├╝rgen Ernst - I personally do not use Thunderbird anymore, and it would have been a waste if they were not developed any further. For you, this means that DispMUA, mailinglistheader, headerScroll, mailRoute and replyToList can be found at now.

Thank you very much for all the support and postcards!

Winamp titlebar control skins for Windows XP

Winamp PlugIn by BeesKnees software.
Cause I use it often, I've made my own skins which integrate in Win XP styles blue and green:
That's how it integrates in Opera

Download Skin: blue bmp 14kiB
Skin: green bmp 14kiB
Original PlugIn exe 53kiB
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