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So, somethings about me.... Do you really need this?

My name is Christian Weiske, 24 years old, and I'm from Threna/Saxony/Germany. I'm studying at the University of Leipzig information technologies in the 10th semester.

My main programming language is PHP, but if you look at birthday reminder, you know that I can program in C++. Java is no problem, as some other languages, too.

For now I'm a freelancer, working for netresearch in Leipzig. The biggest projects I took part are starkalender (all backend and some frontend) and some shops for the Seetours germany company, AIDAshop and internal shops.

Currently I am in the PHP-Gtk documentation team.

If you want to contact me, see the details on the feedback page or send a postcard to

Christian Weiske
Dorfstraße 42
04683 Threna

Some things which might be interesting for students:
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