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2006-01-03: First version of birthday reminder 3.
2005-12-22: I made a list of projects I took part.
2005-12-21: PHP-Gtk2 has its own corner on the page.
2005-12-21: website relaunch - no new content, but new code!
2005-12-12: Gnope, my PHP-Gtk2 installer for Windows, is out in version 1.0
2005-09-22: mailinglistheader 0.2.2
2005-09-21: dispMUA 1.1.4
2005-09-18: New Thunderbird extension: mailRoute
2005-09-18: The Thunderbird extensions are compatible with 1.5b1
2005-09-16: Subtitles for the "Trusted Computing" short movie
2005-09-03: dispMUA 1.1.2 supports 300 mail programs
2005-08-28: dispMUA 1.1.1
2005-08-27: dispMUA 1.1.0
2005-08-07: headerScroll extension 0.2
2005-07-18: headerScroll extension 0.1
2005-07-10: I wrote a document describing the extensions in detail.
2005-06-24: Update for dispMUA and mailinglistheader
2005-05-14: Enabling parameter reflection in PHP5 extendions
2005-04-26: display Mail User Agent 1.0.1
2005-04-20: Version 1.0 of display Mail User Agent with 100 supported MUAs is out
2005-04-06: display Mail User Agent supports over 80 MUAs
2005-04-03: mailinglistheader - display special mailing list email header in Thunderbird
2005-03-31: Mozilla Thunderbird extension: display Mail User Agent
2005-03-27: Java CSVReader class
2005-03-01: jOnlineControl to control Telekom DSL routers
2005-01-29: A small wireless lan scanner
2004-12-31: PHP PEAR classes
2004-12-09: Howto: Multimediakeys with .Xmodmap
2004-12-07: Updated Linux my laptop document.
2004-11-04: After a test phase of over a month the manual browser
2004-09-30: I've built some statistics on four german radio stations
2004-09-22: mp3Rename cleans up your collection
2004-07-17: Report: Tips'n'Scripts for my linux system
2004-07-13: Report: Linux on the Acer Travelmate 6000
2004-02-05: Update on installing the Adobe SVG plugIn for Opera
2004-01-19: InPHP update
2004-01-19: HowTo about installing the Adobe SVG plugIn for Opera
2003-11-02: Explore the PHP world with InPHP
2003-10-28: BitCalc is _the_ tool for setting bits
2003-09-14: Aqua_mini is a graphical gtk theme which works on windows.
2003-09-08: A small IML Viewer is here.
2003-08-13: Mailcheck and Mp3 List creator got an update.
2003-08-12: I wrote some tips to make you feel better.
2003-07-28: HTML Form Creator for all stressed programmers out there ;)
2003-06-15: You can set your preferred stylesheet for this page.
2003-06-05: If you want to be notified about some news, you can subscribe the Newsletter.
2003-05-15: GNU Gettext wrapper for the PHP-GTK; GTK_MessageBox and GTK_FileDialog are gettext compatible.
2003-05-09: AppWizard has reached version 0.3
2003-05-05: AppWizard has reached version 0.2
2003-04-29: New gtk things: Ximian icons as xpm and xpm2php
2003-04-28: Some explanations on the weather-dependant stylesheet.
2003-04-23: has the worldwide first weather-dependant stylesheet!
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