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Dev_GuiInspector lets you inspect the packing of widgets in a certain window. Basically it shows you a tree with all widgets in the window, in the order they are packed.

The cool thing is that you can click a row in the tree, and the corresponding real widget gets highlighted with a black border drawn around it (or, in case of an GtkEntry or GtkTextView, with a red background). The other way round works, too: Click on a widget in the window, and the corresponding row in the tree will be selected. That way you can easily inspect large/deeply nested trees whithout getting lost.

It was inspired by the Mozilla DOM Inspector tool.


To use Dev_GuiInspector, you have to create an instance of it and set the window (or any widget) you want to inspect. That can be done that way:

 //... instantiate your widget/window here

 require_once 'Dev/GuiInspector.php';
 $gi = new Dev_GuiInspector($widget);

 //... call Gtk::main() or something

Replace $widget with the name of the widget you want to inspect.


Method 1: Installation via PEAR.

  1. Discover the Gnope channel:
    pear channel-discover
  2. Install it:
    pear install gnope/Dev_GuiInspector

Method 2: Download & run

Dev_GuiInspector-0.0.3.tgz (2006-01-27), 4kiB


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