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This tool is a reflection browser for PHP, especially for PHP-Gtk2. It uses the reflection functions in PHP5 to discover all classes, their methods with parameters and types, constants, signals and so.

I developed it as a live reference because the docs aren't complete yet, and it does a fairly good job at this.

You can search classes and methods by focussing the list and typing in the first letters of the item you search.


Method 1: Installation via PEAR.

  1. Discover the Gnope channel:
    pear channel-discover
  2. Install it:
    pear install gnope/Dev_Inspector
  3. Run it:
    php /path/to/pear/Dev/Inspector/run.phpw

Method 2: Download & run

Dev_Inspector-0.0.5.tgz, 7kiB

Extract it and start the run.phpw with php.


Methods Signals

Channel server package home

Dev_Inspector on

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