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PHP-GTK Themes on windows

After nights of searching, downloading and compiling I produced a .zip file with all the things you need to use GTK+ themes on windows with the PHP-GTK. Included is a README file which contains all necessary information about installing.

Until now all the PHP-GTK apps looked not so nice on windows. But now you can use themes with the applications, making your app look totally different.
I've included several theme engines:
libengradient.dll, libflat.dll, liblighthouseblue.dll, libltdl.dll, libmetal.dll, libnotif.dll, libraleigh.dll, libredmond95.dll, libthinice.dll, libwhistler.dll.
The only you perhaps miss is the libpixmap.dll. This engine is nearly impossible to get working on windows. See the README for more details.

Some themes are shipped with the zip, all you see on the screenshots and some others.

But nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the themes. Please contact me if you've got ideas or other notes on the themes/engines/rc files...

A small test utility is included, but I recommend to use InPHP for testing purposes.

Version 0.1 (2003-04-09 10:46)
Download zip 512kB

Here are some screenshots of a test application with the themes:
PHP-GTK app with theme PHP-GTK app with theme PHP-GTK app with theme PHP-GTK app with theme PHP-GTK app with theme PHP-GTK app with theme PHP-GTK app with theme PHP-GTK app with theme

Theme: Aqua_mini

Aqua mini screenshot I always wanted my windows to look like a mac with aqua. The winxp theme was there, but the gtk-themes are all based on libpixmap.dll - so I did my own thing and made my own aqua skin which works on windows.
I've tested it for half a year now and it works quite well - time to share it with you!

Use: Note: The title bar is the windows xp theme, not the aqua_mini!
Version 1.0 (2003-09-14 19:00)
Download zip 29kB
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