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RD birthday reminder

This version has been replaced by birthday reminder 3.
RD birthday reminder runs at windows startup and shows you the next events in an own defined time span. The occasions are marked by different colors so that you can see what is long away and what occurs in the next days. You can import & export data from various programs, including Microsoft Outlook!

RD birthday reminder 2.1

What does it cost?

My real-world address:
Christian Weiske
Dorfstrasse 42
04683 Threna
Birthday reminder is freeware. This means, you may use and distribute it for free and don't have to pay for it.
But I ask you to send me a real postcard from your part of the world if you have the time ;-)

language multilingual - english, german and slovak (auto-select depending on your OS)
Multilingual (english, german, slovak) versionzip156kB
Multilingual (english, german, slovak) versionmsi Installer220kB
source codezip242kB
If you want to make a link to download RD birthday reminder,
please use the address
changessee the changelog
codeMS Visual C++ 6.0
used dllsmfc42.dll
if you don't have them and/or the program crashes with an message that some entries couldn't be found, load the dlls and extract them into the birthday reminder directory

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