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Birthday reminder changelog

  • All: Windows XP Theme support
  • Main window: List header size is saved now
  • Main window: The day name of the coming event is displayed
  • Main window: Errors when have more than 365 in look forward and backward (sum)
  • Edit: Balloons when adding/changing
  • Edit: Balloon help in optionsdlg (all) and edit (input fields)
  • Edit: Sort by date multiple (right-click on the header)
  • Edit: Own xsl taken from file ( before standard file from was taken)
  • Edit: Ask for saving when clicking "cancel"
  • Edit: Check for doubles when adding
  • Edit: Better change and add handling (errors, add uses in-built AddPerson function)
  • Edit: Sort by days smaller than zero
  • Edit: AutoComplete moves behind selection with ctrl+space, [space]-bug with autocomplete removed
  • Import: csv: date with time was imported incorrectly
  • Drag & Drop files into the main window
  • List controls can be sorted now
  • Usage of local date format in the main window
  • JustLook Mode, so that you can't change anything when running birthday reminder
  • OK2Tray: When clicking "OK", bdr minimizes to the system tray and restores if there are changes in the birthday list.
  • Import of the following file formats: .csv - Comma separated values (Get all outlook data), .dat - Anniversary, .jdb - Jarig database, .txt - myBirthdayReminder
  • Faster adding of birthdays: Use <- and -> to move between the date fields, use <PgUp> and <PgDown> as well as <Home> and <End> for date input, auto-switch to name input after clicking "Add"
  • Days and Year is shown when editing the file.
  • Double clicking in the main list runs the e-mail program. Through auto-address-selection of the latest mail programs like Outlook, you don't need to type the address again if it is already in the mail program's address book.
  • Finally, bdr has this help file now
1.12 Birthday reminder closes now when running on Windows start and there are no occasions.
3 new icons for the occasions in the next 3 days.
1.11 The misspellings (e.g. Cancek instead of Cancel) are corrected now.
You can use ? as year in the date, if you don't know it or don't need it!
1.1 In the first version, 1.0, birthday reminder crashed when you activated the <save window position>.
This is fixed now, it works all ok.
Thanks to John Beard which helped me to locate the error.

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