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User voices - what others think about birthday reminder

See some mails I got from users like you!

Congratulations with the Birthday Reminder !!
I have tried many other programs to do the job (last trials: xReminder Pro and Time&Chaos), but your program:
- is simple
- is perfect (no obtrusive menus, screens)
- is easy-to-use
- indicates exactly what I want (the 10 days after, 30 days before window is exactly what I need)
- is (super)small
- is for free.
Many thanks for sharing the program with us !

Thank you for writing a really solid and useful program. I was using the address file/reminder in Print Master. Everytime I ever had to reload Print Master, I was always in danger of losing the address file and there was no way to print out the names with the dates. I came across your program and liked it instantly. I especially like how flexible it is. I am using it, not only for birthdays and anniversaries, but also to put in To Do items I want to be reminded of. Thanks again.

I've been using your program for a few months now and like it very much. I use it not only for birthdays but all other occasions and appointments. I passed a copy on to my daughter today for her to try. Good work and thanks!

Thank you for the "Freeware Program". It is a great help in a busy world.

My name is Ionut and i want to tell you that I like your program, Birthday Reminder, very much. I'm sending you some pictures from my country so you'll see how is here. Bye and have some Wonderful Holidays

Thanks for writing a simple and free program that reminds me when birthdays are coming up. The Main Window is a very good way of showing the upcoming events, giving me ample time to sort out the presents etc. etc.. It's a much better method than setting an alarm to come on a day or so before the event. I also like the simple data entry method using .csv files (it keeps the data portable), and the size of the program. I'm passing the program onto the rest of the family.

I just want to thank you for birthday reminder. I've been looking for a program like this for some time. Very useful! (as I tend to forget bithdays, appointments, etc. :-))

Thank you for the program! I live in Taiwan and was looking for a program like happydays in Palm. Until now, I find it. It's great. It also works perfectly with Traditional Chinese language.

Hi Chris, I've just downloaded your prog and got all my Outlook data at once into bdr without any problems! Cool thing, thank you for providing it in the internet!
Original: Hallo Christian,
habe eben Dein Programm runtergeladen und auf Anhieb ohne Probleme meine ganzen Outlook-Daten importiert. Super-Sache, herzlichen Dank fürs Bereitstellen im Internet.

Thanks for birthday reminder. It saves me from a lot of terrible situations!!!

Congratulations for Birthday Reminder-I was using for 10yrs a DOS TODO reminder that popped up at boot time with the next 5-30days due events. I was constantly looking for something better until I found this. I find it very useful!

Your Birthday program is excellent, concise and efficient.

Thank you for a simple clear utility,I would love to see reminder expanded to handle other appointments as well. Excellent work.

Firstly, thank you very much for your reminder. When I finally decided it was time to make the computer remember our birthday list I looked at many programs but yours was, I thought, very much the best.

I like the birthday reminder. I have downloaded many but I am still using yours.

Birthday reminder is really very interesting! Easy to use and without disruptive gimmicks...
Original: Birthday Reminder ist wirklich sehr interessant! Leicht zu bedienen und ohne Spielereien...

I started using your program few months ago. It is simple, quick to load and easy to edit. I tried few freewares earlier. I even decided to write one as I couldn't find the one liked (being a software developer myself). But now I am using yours. Good work.

I just want to let you know that I like Birthday Reminder very much, I searched for a program of this kind for a long time and yours is the best I found, I don't kow what I'd do without it :)

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